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Presenting your talents to the world has never been easier. Globe Scout Me is the perfect tool for the advancement of your career.

Create Your Profile for FREE and present your athletic abilities to the world.

Endorsements, recommendations, statistics, videos and live streams are just some of the promotional tools at your disposal.

Get Discovered or contacted by coaches and teams.

Finally everyone has an equal chance for their talent to be discovered, regardless of age, gender, race or location. Talent and hard work is all that matters.


Stay in the Loop

Find a new team, earn a scholarship, stay in touch with old teammates and coaches and follow their career development. Globe Scout Me is one big family, and families tend to stay close.

Coaches and Teams

You can search for players by various parameters. In a matter of few clicks you can search the whole world for the next superstar or that missing piece on your team. Save time and money by registering for free right now.

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Whenever I’m interested in an ahtlete, Globe Scout Me is the first place I look. If they’re on it, it shows they take their future seriously.

Will Collins

No website can tell you which player is perfect for your team, but good ones can help you narrow down the choices. Globe Scout Me does that - and then some!

Jon Hurt

Globe Scout Me allows me to store all my career achievements in a place where I know coaches and scouts are not just looking, but paying attention.

Dominique Mpondo

GlobeScout Pro

Plenty more features and options for athletes, coaches and teams to maximize their potential. See what GlobePro can offer you.